Oilfield Chemicals

Our extensive network of terminals ensures that you get the oilfield specialty chemicals that you need, where you need it, and when you need it.

The US produces more than 10 million barrels per day of oil and more than 100 billion cubic feet per day of natural gas from approximately one million domestic wells.  The US surpassed Russia in 2011 to become the world’s largest producer of natural gas and surpassed Saudi Arabia in 2018 to become the world’s largest producer of petroleum.

Oilfield companies face growing challenges to become increasingly efficient, productive and sustainable as regulations tighten and unconventional oil production methods become more common. 

An Oilfield Chemical Company You Can Count On

Berryman has more than 40 years’ experience supplying a diverse range of cost-effective oilfield chemicals to enable companies to operate at peak productivity. Our extensive track record allows us to be creative and offer customized, economical solutions for each customer. We’ll analyze your site, develop a tailored oilfield specialty chemicals program and proactively monitor services to ensure maximum return on investment. If you have an emergency, our team also provides just-in-time delivery straight to your well.

Our Oilfield Chemical Services and Products


All of our triazine products are formaldehyde free, perform longer than our competitors’ products, increase the life of your equipment, and provide long-term savings.


Our modified acid is noncorrosive, so you don’t need to pull equipment out of the well before using it, saving you time and money at the well.


Explore our demulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors, defoamers, hydrate inhibitors, iron chelants, paraffin controllers, salt inhibitors, scale controllers, carbon dioxide scavengers, oxygen scavengers, and shale stabilizers.

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