Oilfield Production Chemicals

We maximize oil production, make processing more efficient, and simplify transportation.

As every oilfield is different, we create tailor-made formulations and offer value-added services to provide the maximum benefit to you at an optimal cost. We provide a large quantity of oilfield chemicals such as oilfield demulsifiers, pour point depressants, asphaltene inhibitors, or any number of custom combinations. We can create a tailor-made chemical program to increase your productivity and simplify your logistics at any location across the US.

Oilfield Demulsifier Products

Our oilfield demulsifier solutions quickly separate crude and water from produced fluids in the most cost-effective way. These demulsifier chemicals also assist in the clarification of water by reducing residual oil to a level that meets requirements.

Corrosion Inhibitor Products

We manufacture numerous corrosion inhibitors to reduce the effects of gases, such as CO2 and H2S, in production fluids. These are designed for use in all the areas of the oil and gas production process, including corrosion control in downhole tubing, production facilities and transportation pipelines.


Crude Oil Pour Point Depressant Chemicals

The high pour point of some crude oils creates challenges in transportation and production. Our crude oil pour point depressant solutions reduce the pour point to meet your specifications and enhance the efficiency of oil production and transportation.


Asphaltene Inhibitor Chemicals

Our asphaltene inhibitor products limit the formation of deposits that cause flow retardation if not controlled properly. We can also include a component that disperses already-formed asphaltene deposits.


Scale and Paraffin Squeeze Chemical Programs

Paraffins and asphaltenes are commonly occurring components of crude oils but often interfere with production limitations and in some cases cause shutdowns.

Asphaltenes are large agglomerates composed mainly of heterocyclic rings. They’re held in crude oil by naturally occurring petroleum resins that cling to the surface of the asphaltene agglomerate. They’re deposited in the production system wherever pressure drops allow resins to precipitate.

Paraffins are saturated hydrocarbon waxes deposited in areas where the production system’s temperature falls below the solubility temperature of the paraffin. Like asphaltenes, paraffins can also block a production system and cause a complete shutdown of the system. In areas where paraffins or asphaltenes have already deposited in a system, remedial treatment is necessary to remove them.

Our specially formulated paraffin and asphaltene dispersants, when combined with solvents, can remove these deposits and restore the production rate. Squeeze chemical programs apply these chemicals and solvents in batches to remove paraffin and asphaltene deposits and disperse them in the oil to restore normal throughput of the system.


Paraffin Control Chemicals

These chemicals reduce paraffin deposits, improving the flow rate of oil. We can also add chemicals that inhibit wax and asphaltene deposits from forming in production tubing and pipelines that can impede the flow of oil.


Antifoam Chemical Products

Our specially formulated antifoam chemical solutions help separate gas from oil and water. They also prevent the formation of foams within processing plants and reduce the probability of liquid carryover in the gas.


Viscosity Reducers

These products minimize the viscosity of oil, which if not properly controlled hinder the flow of crude.



We’re one of the leading triazine suppliers in the world. These chemicals efficiently remove hydrogen sulfide from process systems to ensure personnel safety, protect equipment from corrosion and meet market specifications for crude oil.


Wax Dispersants

Wax dispersants keep wax nuclei from agglomerating and minimize their tendency to adhere.


Pipeline Cleaning Chemicals

Our pipeline cleaning chemicals increase pipeline life, reduce corrosion inhibitor costs, improve product purity, reduce friction and increase flow efficiency.


Hydro Testing Chemicals

We produce numerous specially formulated hydro testing chemicals, which are a combination of corrosion inhibitors with biocides and oxygen scavengers. These chemicals are required during the hydro testing stage of the pipeline and installation where sweet or seawater is utilized. Our typical hydro testing chemical combinations include film-forming, water-soluble corrosion inhibitors, biocides, scale inhibitors and oxygen scavengers.

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