Triazine H2S Scavenger

Longer-Lasting Formula. Just-In-Time Delivery.

The number one highest spend for an operator at the well is a hydrogen sulfide scavenger. Our superior H2S scavengers effectively remove hydrogen sulfide from process systems to ensure personnel safety, protect equipment from corrosion, and to meet requirements of the oil and gas industry.

Formaldehyde free

Better performing

Less corrosive

Delivered to your location

BerrySweet 62/80 Concentrates

Our proprietary concentrated H2S scavengers are truly 62 and 80 percent active, and they are formaldehyde-free. Because of their superior product quality, their performance is not impeded by the presence of other system contaminants as much as most other products in the market. That product quality allows our triazine to perform better and last longer than the competition. Our products have a longer bed life and you’ll need to replenish your supply less often, adding up to big savings.


Custom BerrySweet Dilutions and Blends

If you need a well-specific solution, we offer customized chemical dilutions and formulations from one to 80 percent active. We also offer a large number of additives to add to our blends to improve efficiency to your application. If needed, we’ll privately label our products and help provide any documentation you need.


Coast-to-Coast Delivery

With a strategic network of terminals, we can get H2S scavengers to you quickly at lower shipping costs. We’ll handle your formula from production to the well and provide any level of support you need in between.

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