Modified Hydrochloric Acid

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What Is Hydrochloric Acid?

The chemical formula for hydrochloric acid, also called hydrogen chloride, is HCl. Its molecular weight is 36.47 g/mol. It’s a colorless, aqueous solution or gas with a sharp, irritating odor.

Hydrochloric Acid Hazards

Hydrochloric acid (and its fumes) have the potential to corrode human tissue and damage the respiratory system, intestine, skin, mucous membranes, and eyes irrevocably. Long-term exposure at work reportedly causes chronic bronchitis, dermatitis, and gastritis in employees. Animal tests found it had moderate to high acute toxicity from inhalation, according to the EPA. Why put your employees and your operations at risk when there’s an effective, safer alternative?

Why Berryman Modified Acid?

Berryman produces intensely concentrated modified acid formulas that perform comparably to hydrochloric acid, while being far safer for humans and the environment. They have minimal fumes, are noncorrosive to the skin and tissue, and biodegrade more quickly. In addition, you can dilute them on a 1:1 to 1:100 ratio depending on your application, which reduces the burdens of transportation and storage.

HCR-6000™ is a powerful replacement that mitigates hydrochloric acid hazards. It provides unparalleled corrosion protection at temperatures at which hydrochloric acids fail to protect your assets. With high temperature thermal stability, HCR-6000™ offers a proven, cost-saving solution for workovers, stimulations and other oilfield operations. Our varied HCR-6000™ series can replace your current acid system at temperatures up to 430° F as a safer solution.

  • HCR-6000™ Series – Our universal blend is ideal for scale treatments, injection wells, spearheads and other high-heat applications.
  • HCR-6000N™ Offshore – This formula has North Sea classification and offers unparalleled safety with unrivaled performance.
  • HCR-6000 FRAC™ – This blend has solubilizing abilities comparable to 20 percent HCl acid for all your fracking or heavy spearhead applications.
  • HCR-6000 FRAC+™ – This formula has solubilizing abilities comparable to 25 percent HCl acid, while being far less toxic.

Operational Benefits

  • Available in strengths equivalent to up to 25 percent hydrochloric acid
  • Corrosion protection up to 430° F (220° C)
  • Minimal exothermic reaction
  • High thermal stability at greater than 428° F
  • High salinity tolerance
  • Minimal sludging and precipitation
  • No phase separation
  • Superior wormholing performance
  • HT – SAGD and CSS scale treatments
  • High iron compatibility

HSE Benefits

  • Noncorrosive to dermal tissue
  • Nonvolatile
  • Low vapor pressure (less fumes)
  • Readily biodegradable (OECD-306/organic compound)
  • Nonmutagenic

HCR-7000-110™ and HCR-7000-WL™ are efficient, low-fuming modified acids with similar solubilizing abilities as hydrochloric acid.  They are top-performing alternatives to all HCl acid blends, and you can use the HCR-7000-WL™ with wireline and perforating tools without compromising their integrity.

Major companies across the world have approved the use of HCR-7000-110™ and HCR-7000-WL™. Operators have used them in acid spearhead applications, workovers, stimulations and fracs at high temperatures where an aggressive removal of scale or mineral deposit is needed.

HCR-7000-110™ and HCR-7000-WL™ have more aggressive reaction rate than any modified acid on the market. It meets your acid requirements while eliminating corrosion issues, HSE risks and transportation difficulties in environments up to 230° F with HCR-7000-WL and 280° F with our HCR-7000-WL high-temp version.

Operational Benefits

  • Up to seven day corrosion protection on mild steel at 55° F
  • Aggressive reaction rates (adjustable)
  • Compatible with typical elastomers used in oil and gas
  • Class 1 acid package
  • High spent pH less than 4.0
  • Minimal Ca precipitation issues
  • Reduction of company liability throughout supply chain, operational and downhole processes
  • Concentrations adjustable on the fly
  • Nonregulated for ground transportation in the US

HSE Benefits

  • Noncorrosive to dermal tissue
  • Nonvolatile
  • Minimal fuming
  • Readily biodegradable (OECD 301F), less than 34 percent in 10 days
  • Nonmutagenic

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