Oil Well Stimulation Chemicals

Increase efficiency and profitability with oil well stimulation chemicals for primary and secondary recovery stages.

Efficient water treatment is critical for meeting production targets and complying with regulatory specifications. We’re a top stimulation chemicals supplier of proprietary and customized compounds such as scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, deoiler chemicals and biocides for cooling water treatment.

Scale Inhibitor Solutions

Our specially formulated scale inhibitor solutions protect against calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate and brines as well as barium sulfate and strontium sulfate scale deposition.

Biocides for Cooling Water Treatment and Production Systems

Our highly efficient biocides protect against aerobic and sulphate-reducing bacteria in oilfield subsurface injection water systems. They are aldehyde or amine-based.

Corrosion Inhibitor for Water Products

Our corrosion inhibitor chemicals can be used in water injection systems and wash waters in desalting plants and wet production systems.

Defoamer Chemical Solutions

We have both silicone-based and organic-based defoamer chemical products to reduce foaming tendency in various stages of oil recovery and in salination plants.

Deoiler Chemical Products

Our deoiler chemical solutions serve many functions such as sequestration, dispersion, scale inhibition and crystal growth distortion. They effectively clean oil from produced water from tanks, separators, inert gas flotation units and free water separators. Our deoiler chemical products are also an efficient flocculation aid and increase the floc size of previously flocculated suspensions, which helps in faster settling and improves the filtration rate.

Biocide Chemical Products

We produce numerous biocide chemical solutions to control aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, particularly sulfate-reducing bacteria for water injection, produced water and cooling water systems. These products are not only effective in their biocide activity but are also capable of changing or modifying their environment to halt harmful bacterial growth.

Oxygen Scavengers

Our specially formulated oxygen scavengers improve the efficiency of water injection systems. They remove or scavenge the dissolved oxygen and assist in the filtration process of water. They can be used for processing water for reservoir pressure maintenance and water disposal.

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